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菠菜平台大全, Ltd. (former Jiangyan Chemical Auxiliary Factory) is a medium-sized second-class enterprise in Jiangsu Province. Founded in 1982, our factory is mainly engaged in the production of adsorbents, desiccants, catalysts, auxiliaries and packing, with ​​66,000 square meters of land (over 25% are green land) and 46,000 square meters of buildings. As one of the gardening enterprises in Taizhou city, our factory consists of Yuxing Research Institute, 2 analytic rooms, five production plants and complete public facilities; there are more than 500 employees, and more than 100 of them are technicians. Since 1990, our factory has cooperated with the central and local research institutes and obtained nearly 20 scientific and technological achievements as well as7天国际线上娱乐 certificates issued by the state, province and city, and more than 100 rewards. Especially, our ethylene oxychlorination to vinyl chloride catalyst and copper ruthenium catalyst are listed into national-level torch plan of China.

As one of the production bases of "three-agent", our factory annually produces f 8,000 tons of activated alumina, 10,000 tons of molecular sieves, more than 600 tons of catalysts, 300 tons of catalytic packing and 560 tons of heterogeneous catalyst carriers. With self-support import and export rights, we were certificated to ISO9001 quality system and environmental system in 2002. At present, the quality of our products has reached the domestic advanced level, and some products have reached the international level. In addition to meeting the domestic market demand, our products are also well sold in the United States, the United Kingdom, South Korea and Southeast Asia and other countries and regions, and have been well received by users.

Now, our factory is located in Yuduo Town of Jiangyan City, the hometown of Mei Lanfang (Peking Opera Master) and Chunlan Group; we are close to Qintong Xique Lake tourist attraction in the east-the famous China International Ship Festival site; Taidong Canal flows around our factory, which is connecting Yangtze River with the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal. Moreover, we are also close to National Highway 328, Ning-Jing-Yan Expressway, Beijing-Shanghai Expressway and Jiangqin Highway. Taking the advantages on unique water and land transportation environment, we have good ability to welcome customers all over the world.

Director Zhang Chunfu and all staffs warmly welcome businessmen and customers all around the world to visit our company, give suggestions and get common development.

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