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Potassium permanganate alumina
First, application:
Potassium permanganate alumina is a commonly used chemical adsorption material, an advanced new environmentally friendly catalyst.It utilizes the strong oxidizing property of potassium permanganate to oxidize and decompose harmful gases in the air to achieve purification.Ithas high removal efficiencyfor harmful gas sulfur oxides (SO2), methyl acetaldehyde, nitrogen oxides, hydrogen sulfide and low concentrations of aldehydes and organic acids.It is often used in combination with activated carbon to increase the efficiency of adsorption.
Second, physical and chemical properties:
Appearance Purple or pink sphere
granularity Φ3~5mm, φ5~7mm
Specific surface ≥150 m2/g
Compressive strength ≥40 N/granule; ≥60 N/granule
Bulk density ≥0.75g/ml
Component KMnO4-Al2O3
Al2O3 ≥80%
KMnO4 ≥4.0%
Moisture [100 °C drying to constant weight] ≤20%
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